Pixel X Challenge Season 3 Winner

It's been an epic Season 3 of the Pixel X Challenge.  

Inkling The Gamer and Chara&Eve were going neck and neck the whole way.  Each one retook the lead multiple times.  Kamimation Studios the Season 1 Winner decided to sacrifice his Pixels to help Inkling The Gamer win but Chara&Eve would not be denied.  However, in the very end Chara was not satisfied.  He decided to suicide his Pixels to battle Kamimation Studios in Season 4 in order to take all the glory.  Chara decided to give all his pixels to Duo Dreamer.

Inkling The Gamer was not satisfied with claiming victory and he too decided to suicide all his Pixels to Stardust Duck.  Thus the winner was Duo Dreamer and in second place Stardust Duck.

On Instagram Shockbrawler cleaned house against DarkHuman007 to claim the instagram winner Shockbrawler claimed 6 over all and DarkHuman007 in 10th.

Honorable mentions to worthy Challengers Fates Otaku, Mega Nidge, Conor Lee, Magali Reynoso and TNC Films Corporation.

Here is the official Top 10
1. DuoDreamer = 42
2. Stardust Duck = 41
3. Fates Otaku = 10
4. Mega Nidge = 10
5. Conor Lee - 9
6. ShockBrawler - 8
7 Magali Reynoso = 6
8. TNC Films Corporation - 6
9. MarMars = 5
10. DarkHuman007 = 5

Who will win Season 4?? It begins Now.


 - Adam EX

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