The Switch Of Rage

I have officially renamed my Nintendo Switch. The Switch of Rage.  I just like the sound of it.  But seriously, what would happen if someone stole your Nintendo Switch?  Rage would ensue as you hunt down those vicious criminals.  One's Nintendo Switch is more valuable than any pair of shoes on the street. 

When my creator Adam Arnali was in school, someone stole his Playstation.  It broke his heart.  He didn't play video games for over 10 years until he landed a job with Nintendo.  Nintendo brought him back to gaming just as it inspired him as a kid.  Recently, a member of the Pixel X had his Switch Stolen.  I told my creator about the incident and I could tell that the memories of his own video games being stolen evoked a certain rage in him.  Though he kept it to himself, it spawned the idea... The Switch Of Rage.

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  - Adam EX

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