Aoi Kusanagi Jump NFT
Aoi Kusanagi Jump NFT

Aoi Kusanagi Jump NFT

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Aoi Kusanagi is a character from The King of Fighters series. She is a cousin of Kyo Kusanagi and voiced by Ayako Kawasumi.  
When Souji Kusanagi moved to Tokyo, Aoi moved with him. A short while before Kyo went to search for Souji, Aoi and her brother had a fight. Aoi then ran away from home and ran into Shermie. Acknowledging Shermie as a Hakkesshu, Aoi asked her to turn her crimson flames into purple flames, in a rebel act against her brother. Shermie did what she asked, inflicting her with the same curse inflicted on the Yagami clan.  Here she is Jumping backward. 

  • Character: Aoi Kusnagi 
  • Game: King of the Fighters
  • Martial Art: Kusanagi Arts
  • Media Style: Gif

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