Goddess Athena Pixel Vixen #108
Goddess Athena Pixel Vixen #108

Goddess Athena Pixel Vixen #108

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Pixel Vixen #109

Athena is the young, temperamental princess of the ancient Kingdom of Victory (also known as Holy World). Not unlike modern world teenagers, she clamors for excitement and is bored with the luxurious, sheltered life in the palace. One day, she is tempted to disobey her parents and enter the off-limits area below the castle where the Forbidden Door stands. Opening the gateway makes her fall from the heavenly kingdom to the realm below, a wild land ruled by the cruel Emperor Dante and his countless minions. The princess' only means of survival is to traverse a long dangerous road and challenge the brutal Dante herself.

Animation by AdamEX 

  • Character: Goddess Athena
  • Game: Athena 1986
  • Martial Art: Goddess Powers
  • Media Style: Gif
  • Rarity 5 of 5



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