AdamEX is now on TikTok

I'm now on TikTok!  TikTok is an emerging social media network with short entertaining clips.  I feel because it's entertainment based I can have a more significant impact than on youtube which is saturated with Basic Pixels.  Basic Pixels are Gamers who either just play games or just talk about games and don't actually produce anything of real value.  

Watch  my latest Tok here - > 



Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2.  by Kamimation Studios.  Play as Glitch Boy and try to stop Dr. Wily and his 8 Wily Robots  Film out the form to download the game for free.

Get Your Own Power Glove with this Shirt!

Pixel X Power Glove Shirt by Adam EX not sold in stores.  Adam EX uses the power glove for his digital Power.  He also wears it on his own shirt.


Who is a fellow student of Maki's?

Let me know your answer by Leaving a Comment, Chatting with the Secret Chat button on this page, a DM on discord or emailing me at for 4 pixels.  Click here for a extra bonus Challenge.

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