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Guarenteed Pixels
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Pixel is a 1x1 square dot. The smallest unit drawn to a computer screen. Originally created to be stored on microchips that were 4bit in size. The Pixel was small enough to fit. The technology unknowingly created the first digital art form. Interpretive and unique, Pixel art became the way we played games.

Pixel Art was Killed off in favor of 3D graphics in the 2000's. They deemed it the pixel tax. Actual artists were needed to draw each and every frame. Japan's culture of masters fell in love with the technology and were the last to succumb to the changing landscape. At the time, game developers were trying to find cost effective ways to make games. it was all a lie. They really wanted control. A 3D model once created sets the art and then any animator can take the models create all the motions. Pixel Artist then went underground in Japan. Only later, when game developer software became affordable did Indie gamers rediscover Pixel Art was actually cheaper to make than 3D art. When Pixel art began to reemerge in a new way did Gamers realize how much they missed it and a resurgence was underway. Pixel X was created to ensure that Pixel Art will evolve beyond Games and live on forever.