Pixelate The Streets

AdamEX was frozen on a computer chip in 2001 after the word on the streets declared Pixel Art is DEAD.  Many claimed the art was burried under the Pixel Tax.  Only later, thanks to the Pixel Art Underground in Japan and Indie Gamers rediscovering that the Pixel Tax was a lie,  AdamEX was unearthed from the computer chip Vowing to Never allow Pixel Art to be buried ever again and put it back where it belongs.

Pixel X by AdamEX is a Quest to Pixelate The Streets.  Pixel Art was Born in the Streets Hanafuda cards by Nintendo or like Arcade Cabinets.  

To do this AdamEX became the first ever Pixel Art influencer.  He creates the Pixel X a Pixel Art Streetwear Brand to flood the streets with Art.   He demands to provide Pixel Art Products so he can maintain ownership over his own Identity so that Corporate Greed and GEO politics don't force Art to be killed off for bigger profits or control over the minds of the Masses like what happened in 2002.  When he is ready he plans to wage war against A.I. VR Hellscapes and develop his true form, an Augmented Smart Glasses Street Game.   

But first he decided to back where he left off. The Streets of Southtown.  AdamEX was originally created as a Custom Kyo Kusanagi, used as concept art, to be pitched to SNK for his own side scrolling beat em up.  In his concept AdamEX was to venture to Southtown and learn to fight with Terry Bogard before development on his original game taking place in Los Diablos, CaliFornax to take on the gangs of Hellawood. 

Originally, AdamEX was meant to stay in the NeoGeo Universe but now with everything gone 3D.  AdamEX is a free agent and wants to stay free!