Pixelate The Streets

Pixel X by AdamEX is a Quest to Pixelate The Streets.  Pixel Art was Born in the Streets like Pong in the Arcade or Hanafuda cards by Nintendo.  While the gaming industry seems possessed; drunk off A.I. to venture deeper into Virtual Worlds, Pixel Art wants to break free and go back to where it all began.

The Street Shinobi

The Street Shinobi are a Pixelated Ninjutsu Clan who play a Reality Game called the Pixel X Challenge.  In the game, the Street Shinobi earn street currency called Pixels that gets them free Pixelated Streetwear and Stickers that they use to paint the town with pixels. 

The More Street Shinobi are running the streets the more Gaming will rise out of a V.R. Meta Hell Scenario and Ascend Humans into the next simulation.

But enough about us, tell us about you: