Athena The Psycho Soldier

Athena is a long standing staple of SNK.  Though not widely known in America Athena is one of the most important gaming characters in Japan.  Athena is a singing Pop Star in Japan.  From her solo game Psycho Soldier, SNK released the first ever singing video game track and even dropped it on Cassette seen below.
Athena is a descendant of the Godess Athena and her game Psycho Soldier is a distant sequel of SNK's Athena. With her pop icon status in Japan she was a shoe in to be in the first ever King Of The Fighters Tournament.  Though we hadn't seen her true fighting ability yet, she became a hit on the fighting circuit and why she is the Star of my latest Pixel X Anime in the Female Fighters of Gaming Series.  Watch the Teaser Below.

Athena has become a sex symbol in Japan and in many installments of King Of The Fighters her outfit has changed.  For the full V of the animation she may be shifting into different outfits some heavily armored and others very loosely clothed.  The teaser features the original chiptune track but for the full version, I am looking to use a different track. Stay tuned for the full version.
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What is Athena famous for doing first in Japan?
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