Did Raphael's Rage Crash The System?

In the TMNT World of the Pixel X Anime The Secret Of No More Sequels, the original Arcade Turtles Games exist in the same universe as the Movies. 

Raphael from the Games decides to face his demons alone which was a homage to the original Turtles Film.  He wants to discover why after all these years did Bebop and Rocksteady finally get their first movie deal in the Reboot Sequel Out Of The Shadows.  Shredder then sends Raphael back through time as a homage to the 2nd Turtles Arcade Game Turtles In Time.  However, he sends him back to the original arcade game but the NES version with much lower resolution.  Raphael is now OP and kills Rocksteady and Shredder and then Shredder's mutant horde comes to enact revenge.  In the end the screen goes black and we see a bunch of blood.  Die Raphael Die or did he rip these foes to shreds?  Also what does this mean to the time space continuum.  If both shredder and rocksteady are dead, is this why there are no more sequels because the original movie never existed?  During the video the glitches get worse as the video goes on signifying a game crash.  The video saying the secret of no more sequels.  Does this mean there also won't be a sequel to this anime or will a Raphael Would Be OP Be in Order.  Stay Tuned.   

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What weapon does Raphael use?

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