Down the 1-1 Warp Pipe

In the original Super Mario Bros World 1-1.  The third pipe sends you down into a cavern with a bunch of coins.  After scoring some change you head into the warp pipe to the right and end up at the end of the Level.  

But this is 1-1 with the Floor scorched by lava.  Which means there is no ground and the Lava itself has burned a whole in the wall.  The pipe is still there but there is no ground to enter it really.  

this clearly is a scorched version of the Mushroom Kingdom, if it's the mush room kingdom at all.  Then again, if it's not the Mushroom Kingdom.  Where the heck is Mario anyway... 

 Should Mario go through that Pipe like the original game or see what's hiding past that pipe?

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Where did that pipe take you in the original game?

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