Dr. Wily is Ready to Crush Glitch Boy

Dr.Wily in his machine hovering over the stage in the Final Destination ready to battle Mega Man in Princess Peach Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros by Adam EX for The Pixel X

DDr. Wily has made his first appearance in the Game Of Mushrooms but on the Final Destination stage against Glitch Boy.  What does this mean for Glitch Boy and what time line does this exist on?  Will Dr. Wily somehow find a way to the mushroom kingdom and Where is Mega Man?  Will Mega Man come to save Glitch Boy who is undoubtedly out matched by Wily's Skull Machine.  Stay tuned to find out.... 

Meanwhile watch Peach Would be OP in Super Mario Bros. 

Pixel X Challenge:  What was Dr. Wily's Weakness in Mega Man 1?

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Mega Man 2 shirt feating the intro to Mega Man 2 in pixel art and the Japanese Title for Pixel X by Adam EX