Glitch Boy Vs Gateman

Glitch Boy faces off against Gate Man in his game In To The Nexus based on the events between Mega Man and Mega Man X by capcom.

Will Glitch Boy Face Gateman?

In "Into The Nexus" Glitch Boy is teleported by Gateman who tells him in order to wage war against the Wily Robots first he must escape The Nexus.  Watch Into The Nexus part 1 below.

Glitch Boy ends up fighting Techno a Robot hacker from the future digitized to debug the Nexus. 

Then Glitch Boy is sent into seemingly level one.  Will Glitch Boy find more digitized Robot masters at the end of each level?  Will they be the New Wily Masters including Gate Man that Glitch Boy must face old repurposed Robot Masters or eight additional masters.  New Glitch Boy Videos coming soon.  Stay tuned to find out!



Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2.  by Kamimation Studios.  Play as Glitch Boy and try to stop Dr. Wily and his 8 Wily Robots  Film out the form to download the game for free.


Who is pronounced dead in Glitch Boy part 1?

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