How did Glitch Boy get to the Super Smash Bros. Final Destination.

How did Glitch Boy get to The Final Destination?  This is the second time Glitch Boy has appeared in Game Of Mushrooms.  The first time was when he found Princess Peach inside the castle after Mega Man rescued her from Bowser Jr.  He then proceeds to Glitch the entire screen before taking off.  You can watch that video below.

If we trace Glitch Boy's history we know that he get caught in a simulation called the Nexus.  In the Nexus he meets Techno, a time traveling Hacker.  We also know, that Glitch Boy up to this point doesn't have Time Traveling, Quantum Jumping Glitching abilities.  Where did he get these?

Also, in Glitch Boy's timeline, Mega Man is dead.  How is Mega Man alive in Game of Mushrooms and Glitch Boy at the same time?  Could Glitch Boy in Game of Mushrooms be from the future?  Stay tuned to find out and watch my latest Game of Mushrooms Video below.

All i know is that, Glitch Boy will return and his Glitch Powers are only getting stronger.  Download the free Rom Hack Glitch boy in Mega Man 2 by Kamimation Studios below + a Bonus Challenge.

Mega Man 2 rom hack featuring Glitch Boy.  Play as Glitch Boy in the classic Mega Man game by Capcom

Pixel X Challenge:  What Robot is Glitch Boy trying to awake when we first meet him?

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