I Ain't Afraid of No Pixels

Our weekly Streetwear Season got slimed!  Allow me to explain.
I started off working on an idea for a new Pixel X Streetwear tee based on The Goonies to be finished on time.  
But then Steven Shea of Abyssmal Entertainment inspired me to make a Ghostbusters Power Glove shirt.  Then I had another idea...
There is a Hidden Pixel X Challenge Below...
My other idea was a Stay Puft Japanese Shirt!  After finishing the Stay Puft concept.  I still wanted to finish the Power Glove idea and went back and have been working on it.  I still want to turn the Japanese text of Ghostbusters and Pixelate that to finish it.  In the mean time, i have resumed work on the Rex vs Yoshi animation and a Maki Pixel Vixen Animation.  In addition i have started a new Loyalty Program so you can keep your earned Pixels Forever!  More info on all this soon.  In the mean time Click Below To Play My new Scratch off Game and Earn Pixels.

Click Image Below To Play My New Scratch Off Game

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What's the Name of the Green Ghost in the movie Ghostbusters?
DM me your answer on Discord or Fill out the form below.