I have officially joined Team LevelUP

It's official! I have joined Team LevelUp!  I am on their channel banner... WOOO... 

Team LevelUP is a collaboration of pixel animators by LevelUP founder Nelly.  We are set to take on team Gumbino for dominance in sprite animation on youtube.  

But what does this mean for the Pixel X and AdamEX's own youtube channel.  A LOT ACTUALLY.  

Imagine if you will, the Pixel X has joined forces with a legion on other animators to take youtube on together.  Certain videos i make will be uploaded to the LevelUp channel and be exposed to a much bigger audience.  Currently Team LevelUP has 65k + subscribers.  and LevelUp official has over 745K subs.  

That has alot going for it.  But the content back on our own channel is going to be upgraded as well.

Adam Arnali has been studying the trends on YT and similarly as Nelly from LevelUp has started to share some of the audience pie with other creators.  AdamEx is going to upload more frequently on a new show on his channel called THE DAILY PIXEL.

The daily pixel takes Adam's daily frame of animation he's animated and showing that off and then talking about the other animations members of team Level UP have just been released.  AdamEX wants to spread the TEAM SPIRIT to help defeat TEAM GUMBINO as the dominant animation force on YOUTUBE....