If Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing, The Game Crashes.

Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing is a series of videos created by the Pixel Tuber community.  I am unsure who did it first however, it has been done by various Pixel Anime Artists such as Nelly of Level UP.  In the series, Game Of Mushrooms, Luigi was last scene on World 1-2 as Wario flew over him.  Before that he was burned to a crisp by Giga Bowser. 

You can watch those videos here - > 

When Luigi started out he had 3 lives and obviously Bowser Killed him once leaving him with 2 Lives.  Yet in the video above he mysteriously only has 1 life.  Somehow between the events of Game Of Mushrooms Episode One and now, he lost another life.  Also it's strange that he got to world 2-1 and is stuck.  What could have happened to Luigi?  In episode two R.O.B. The robot killed Mario and when we see R.O.B. again he is being Ridden on top of a bunch of Toads.  Is there a missing episode where Luigi and R.O.B. fought?  More on this later. 

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What is Luigi's Ghost Vacuum Called?

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