If Raphael Killed Shredder.

If Raphael Killed Shredder is a shorter video of a much longer anime that was my creator Adam Arnali's first ever sprite animation.  He always loved the original TMNT the Arcade Game and its sequel Turtles In Time.  At the time, he didn't know how to scale sprites and so he re drew ever single frame of animation which is why the sprites seem so crisp.

When the rebooted movies came out, Adam's disdain for the poor choices Hollywood were making caused him to make an anime where the Turtles go back in time to tell Rocksteady about his first ever movie role in a huge blockbuster film as a parody against the sequels to the movies.

In fact, the first movie sequel, The Secret of the Ooze was a blasphemous departure from the original movie which is now a classic.  Though the original movie didn't contain all the hijinks of the original Saturday morning cartoons it's dark tone and focus on the comic book story line was ahead of its time. 

The secret of the ooze didn't feature Rocksteady or Bebop but instead two new villains, Tokka and Razar.  The fact that Rocksteady was making an appearance finally was the jump point in his anime story line.  Enjoy his first Pixel Art Anime Below. 

Only later did Adam discover from working on Hollywood about the legal concept of Derivative Copy write where Studios and Creative teams were changing the source material so they could own the copy write of a derivative of the original.   Have you ever wondered why Hollywood is obsessed with changing source material usually for the worse?  Yeah that's why.

Regardless, in the reboots they were going to make Shredder and Old White Guy who was a scientists who made the turtles.  Yeah... that was terrible.  Luckily, the fans raised hell and they fixed it but that's why shredder is barely in the film. 

Regardless about his reservations, Adam hoped it would do well live up to the original.  Sadly it didn't.  The reboots started off on a bad foot ruining Shredder and never regained their footing.  So angry about their choices the idea of Raphael killing Shedder was a metaphor for Hollywood Killing Shredder.  This is why the anime is called The Secret Of No More Sequels.

Adam's extensive knowledge of the lore and his quest to pack as many references into the anime as possible made it overly long and confusing to audiences who didn't pick up on the references.  Later he made a shorter version and cut right to the chase.  It's called If Raphael Killed Shedder... 

Pixel X Challenge:

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