Mai is Gaming's Goddess

 Oh Mai Mai!  Mai is gaming's #1 Hottie which is very important given that Japan played a significant role in saving video games and cultivating it into what it is today.  Without Japan, Video games would have died in the early 80's after Atari practically ruined it.  

In Japan, outward physical emotion is very suppressed which causes its people to find unique outlets.  Mai was based on a Famous Fashion Model who was featured in bathing suit photo shoots. 

This idea of Pixel Art having it's own Beauty Models was way ahead of its time yet by the time the West caught up 3D graphics were already on the rise.  Could there be a new hope for Pixelated Expressions on the edgier side of life?  with over 900K views on TIkTok Mai proves that Pixels are just as Hot as photographs.  Watch Mai in Action on TikTok Below.


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♬ original sound - adamex8bit


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Mai inspired Capcom to make a new Character for their Street Fighter Universe.  who was it?

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