Mai Shiranui Started A Pixel X Trend.

Mai Shiranui Pixel X Anime was a fun idea to make a really short animation that had sex appeal to see if TikTok would like it.  At the time, I wasn't worried about creating content too different than what was already on the Youtube channel and Fighting Games is a core part of who I am.  For the sake of verticality I didn't want to put in on Youtube until now.   You can watch the original video below.

Upon releasing it on TikTok it blew up and has over 900k views.  Pixel X hadn't had a viral hit since Conor McGregor's Punch Out and we were off to the races on TikTok.  This trend then carried over to Instagram where I was mostly posting Mario and Mega Man images.  Suddenly the instagram started doing great.  All this while not uploading a single video to Youtube. 

For 2021, creating a new Youtube Anime Strategy, I realized how powerful just uploading something as simple as Mai Training could be.  Instead of worrying about a great story or hitting 10 minute youtube algorithm hacking tricks, just the act of posting a video can keep people from forgetting your channel exists. 

The success of this pixelated anime on tiktok and instagram proved that audience don't care about what Youtube wants.  They just want to be entertained even if it's vertical and only 12 seconds.  As a test, i uploaded my recent Chun LI Training Episode and its doing fairly well on youtube.  You can watch it below.   2021's theme for My channel is shatter all preconceived notions.  Youtube isn't some platform to surmount.  Its a blank page beckoning an artist to discover a new trend never yet before seen.  Mai Training Video and others coming soon to Youtube!

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