Peach vs Wario

Here Peach is hitting Wario Man in the gut with a Parasol.  In Pixel X's new video Peach Would Be OP In Super Mario Bros.But wait.  If Peach is the star of this video, what is Wario doing there and how is he Wario Man?

Also notice, that Peach is Super Peach.  How did she become Super Peach in this 8bit level?

To unravel this, let's look at Game Of Mushrooms last installment.  

 In the end, Peach is left alone and Mega Man took off after Dr. Wily but she is in her 8bit self.  However, in Game Of Mushrooms episode 2 we see that Mario gets a Feather. 

This could mean, that potentially Peach finds a power up in the level that allows her to be Super Peach.  Obviously, if Mario isn't in this latest video and Mega Man ditched her than Peach could be on her own.  Also with Bowser taking over her castle and now Wario a villain, Peach may need to become her own Super Hero.  What do you think is going to happen?

Pixel X Challenge:  What was Peach's name originally ?

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