Penguin or Ice?

Mario is floating along a Lava moat outside the castle walls.  He comes accross two blocks.  In one block is an ice flower and the other a Penguin suit.  What should Mario Choose?

Penguins can Slide and shoot ice and ice flowers... Just shoot ice.  

Mario doesn't appear to be sliding down any lava today unless he wants to be today's charcoal lunch but then again we aren't sure what lies ahead in this level.  It's based on Level 1-1 which doesn't have any slopes but this isn't exactly a carbon copy either.  Who could have been so demented to take Level 1-1 and Burn it to a crips.  Obviously someone who has a distaste for the Mushroom Kingdom.  Other than bowser who else could it be?  From the map it looks like Lava is all through this land... Perhaps there is a Lava Loving Villain waiting to emerge from the deep.  

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What is the first mario game to feature a flower powerup?

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