Pixel X Challenge Season 31

O.V.E.R.A.L.L. L.E.A.D.E.R.B.O.A.R.D
1. Shadowninja2099 - 8
I.N.S.T.A.G.R.A.M. L.E.A.D.E.R.B.O.A.R.D
1. Shadowninja2099 - 8
2. Billcooks_23 -  8
3. Maniac Mojo. - 8
Y.O.U.T.U.B.E. L.E.A.D.E.R.B.O.A.R.D
1. DorianJames - 8
2. SoraYakirishima5502 - 8
3. AntonioMeija9348 - 8
1. Klitosa - 8
2. festina_lente - 8


The Pixel X Challenge is a fun game where I give away "PIXELS" or points for challenges such as Trivia. The more "PIXELS" you have the higher your rank within the Pixel X.

**Every month there will be a Pixel X Game. During the game, I will be Posting a Pixel X Challenges somewhere on my Social Media Networks.... Who ever is able to solve the most challenges during the course of the Game wins the Prize. After each Game, the winner will allow you to move up the Pixel X Class rankings.

Season 30 GRAND Champion