Pixelate The Streets

The Pixel X is on a quest to #pixelatethestreets and to Innovate the art form to make it current and future proof.  The New Pixel Art Trend isn't a nostalgia art movement it's Revenge against the evil A.I. powers that killed it off circa 1992.   

Japanese Video Gaming Began In The Streets with Nintendo and That's Where It Must Go.  Addictive based toxic gaming companies wish to push man kind into VR.  But Nintendo and other rogue groups realize that Video Gaming isn't something that should turn us into Vegetables while A.I. takes over.   

3D Digital Graphics try to emulate physical reality to lure man kind into a trap while Pixel Art is an interpretive art form that gives the user the power to imagine what it represents.  

While there is nothing to stop mankind from exploring VR, Gaming should also exists outside the home in the streets in a physical form connecting mankind on a deeper quantum level and Pixel Art is the way.

Together let's take Gaming Art back where it started in Japan.  The Streets.  #pixelatethestreets