R.O.B. Needs his own game!

Here is R.O.B. appearing in the Game Of Mushroom Video Princess Peach Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros based Nintendo classic characters.

R.O.B. Needs his own game!

Here is R.O.B. appearing in the Game Of Mushroom Video Princess Peach Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros.  

R.O.B. entered the Game of Mushrooms where we defeated Mario and then disappeared.  Only later he reappeared being lifted by the Toads.  How would the Toads be praising R.O.B. after he defeated Mario.  But it was R.O.B. who showed Peach where Mario was.  Was R.O.B. in a friendly skirmish with Mario or did R.O.B. have a more devious plot?

Let's think about the Origin of R.O.B.  R.O.B. is considered the savior of Nintendo's plan to expand into North America.  After Atari ruined the reputation of video games in America which was cemented when they released E.T. the video game which is considered to be one of the worst video games of all time.  Retailers didn't want to sell or market video games.  Nintendo being as genius as they are.  Created R.O.B. and appeared as a toy to kids but it had functionality and could be used to interact with a few games unlike anything ever before seen. 

But sadly, R.O.B. did not star in these games.  He was a physical robot assisting humans.  While he was the true original star of Nintendo of America it was Mario who ultimately gained all the popularity and R.O.B. became discontinued.  It was only in Super Smash Bros. that finally R.O.B. entered the true gaming world but he was just a character in what theorists consider a fantasy battle in gaming Heaven.  

 R.O.B. may be attempting to sadistically do to Mario what was done to him many years ago in the 80's when he was discontinued only to re emerge in smash.  However, this time it's on R.O.B.'s terms.  And now he even has the TOAD's championing him instead of Mario. 

If that is true.  Perhaps the only way to save Mario is to finally give R.O.B. what he wants.  His own game.

Will R.O.B. seduce Peach to become her new champion against Bowser while Mario faces sure defeat at the hands of Waluigi or is R.O.B. a loyal robot and Save Mario after being responsible for his appearing at the Final Destination.  Stay tuned.


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What was the second game R.O.B. could be used for on the NES?

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