Rex Is Coming To Rumble

One day Nelly showed up on the TLU Discord and dropped the Collab of all Collabs.  The Koopa Troopa Collab 2.  This time, various baddies would try to get to Princess Peach and each TLU member who joined would pick their own enemy of Mario.  Originally I chose Ninji as they're one of my favorites and picture them as the Ninja of Bowser.  Unfortunately, someone had already gotten to Ninji first.  Then I realized that my most favorite and mysterious of them all was Rex.  Watch my last TLU video below!

Rex stood out to me because we only find him in Dinosaur Land in Super Mario World on the SNES.  What is interesting about Rex is his design and characteristics make him feel like a more worthy opponent in the game that how he is presented.  He is literally in World 1-1 and his size and stature makes me feel like he could have been a nemesis to the Yoshi.  

Regardless, Rex was nerfed and became similar to a goomba charging forward and the only significant interesting feature to Rex is how his body can be compressed.  When Mario jumps on Rex he compresses and walks faster.

Watch Part 1 of my Video Mario vs Waluigi Smash Mayhem Battle Below  

I am not sure the true origin of Rex but I'd like to see him have more weapons to give Yoshi a run for his money or eggs in this case.  I found an old Mario Comic Book Featuring Rex.  

In the comic Rex is brainwashed by a Kamemeka a red turtle shell.  Magikoopa even makes Rex grow turning him into Super Rex.  Rex is able to do massive damage but Mario finds a way to knock off the Kamemeka in order to defeat him.  For the first time, a Rex was a formidable opponent.  I used this as inspiration to come up with my story for my TLU entry.  Stay tuned.  Watch my first TLU video. Mega Man Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros. 

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What game is Rex from?

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