Ryu is such a Bully

Ryu from Street Fighter 2 is a Bully.  Ryu beat up Terry Bogard in Duo Dreamer's Battle Mode then hit me with a Hadoken Fireball.  I am training to rematch him.


During my hacking days.  I hacked into Duo Dreamer's Video. Terry Bogard vs Ryu which was initially slated for Battle Mode #1. In the battle.  Ryu defeated Terry and i came to Terry's aid. Then Ryu set his sights on me.  Using the Power Glove I thought I could escape unscathed but Ryu hit me with a Hadouken Fireball.  Watch the video below.


Ever since I have been hell bent on rematching Ryu and also entering in the Tournament.  Battle Mode.  I've got to train with Terry Bogard before he entered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Terry taught me his famous Power Geyser and i finally leveled up my Power Glove.  Soon I will Challenge Duo Dreamer to be put in the Battle Mode Tournament and then seek my revenge against Ryu.  Watch my training with Terry Below.



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Who did Ryu have to fight at the of Street Fighter the Original game?

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