Showing Terry Bogard My Power Glove!

AdamEX powers his Power Glove in front of Terry Bogard while training in Southtown as Terry gets ready to enter Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament. I'm showing my Power Glove to Terry Bogard as I train with him.  I came to Terry to learn the power Geyser.  Terry told me, that the source is power is turning his Fury into an energy using a technique called the Hakkyokoseikuken.   

Hakkyokuseiken is an ancient kung fu style and it is recorded in an ancient scroll, which is passed down from master to chosen disciple and so on. Not all the techniques of this martial art are recorded in the scroll, the final techniques are taught directly by master to student. Hakkyokuseiken expects its students to be not only of powerful and skilled physical prowess but of strong mind, positive discipline and also good natured, not controlled by any negative emotions. 

Hakkyokuseiken is primarily based on Bajiquan (Hakkyokuken) and Tai chi chuan and has some mixes of other traditional kung fu styles incorporated in it. This style is mainly based on energy flow with a strong emphasis on Chi gung and each individual fighter uses it with his own fighting style. For example Tung Fu Rue uses it with various Chinese kung fu styles, Geese Howard incorporates it with his traditional Japanese martial artsTerry Bogard uses it with his unique style of martial arts and street fighting,

I came to train with Terry in South town and ran into some thugs in the alley.  Watch more below.

 Terry tells me during training that he found his fury with the memory of Geese killing his father in him vowing to avenge him.  Though i don't have such a powerful motivation, perhaps my Power Glove can amplify my fury!  Training With Terry Bogard Video Coming soon.

Pixel X Challenge:  Who killed Terry's father?

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