Techno Hacked The Future.

Techno from Mega Man Xtreme faces off against Glitch Boy in Glitch Boy Into The Nexus.

Glitch Boy Faces off against Techno in his mech suit in the above image.  How did Techno hack into the Nexus.  What is the Nexus, watch the video below for more info. 

Techno is the boss Glitch Boy meets at the end of level one.  He says he hacked his way in from the future.  He also says Dr. Wily's first attempt was quint.  Who is quint? 

Quint is Mega Man from an alternate future.  Dr. Wily stole a device called the Time Skimmer from the Chronos Institute which researched time and space.  The time skimmer allowed Dr. Willy to skim into the future.  He found Mega Man and brought him back to this time line.  However, Quint was from a timeline where Dr. Wily had been defeated and Mega Man was no longer a fighting robot.  Quint was a peace keeping robot and didn't stand a chance against the current Mega Man.  

Read More About Quint Here  

Dr. Wily hasn't used the Time Skimmer since that we know of.  One of the issues with the Time Simmer was the inability to go to a desired timeline.  That's where Techno comes in. 

See Techno in Into The Nexus part 4 below.

In order to get a time machine properly you must trick the machine to only go to futures based on specific events rather than based on the current timeline.  Could this be what Techno is doing for Dr. Wily?  He also said he is debugging the Nexus.  Could the Nexus be the actual time machine itself?  Could the Nexus be a time warp system able to send Glitch Boy into other parts of time?  if he ever makes it out of the Nexus would he even end up back in his own time line in order to help his friends.  Stay tuned to find out.



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Who does Glitch Boy Meet after defeating Techno?

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