The Dawn of Pixel X

TMNT was Adam Arnali's first pixelated video!  Without this video there would be no Pixel X or me, Adam EX. 

You see, Adam Arnali was excited about the movie TMNT 2 Out OF The Shadows and that it featured Rocksteady and Bebop who'd never made their onscreen debuts.  He is a huge fan of the old TMNT arcade game and wanted to recreate it somehow.  He didn't know at the time how to do it and began re drawing all the sprites one by one and it took him forever.  Unfortunately the movie came out before he was finished and it didnt' do well in theaters.  Determined to finish the video, he had to re write the script to take in account all the time that had past and try to still make it relevant.  

Though there was a lot of interest in the video the story ended up being difficult to follow with all the re writing and it was a disappointment. Nevertheless, Adam was determined to rebound from this and his next Pixelated video shocked the world.  This was the dawn of Pixel X and with out it me, Adam EX would never have came to be.  You can watch the video below.