The Master Hand’s Yoshi Egg

In this first ever game of mushrooms Yoshi egg surprise video peach jumps out of the egg as she is the next character to get her own video in the series the game of mushrooms. How did peach get into the egg also how is it that the master hand is who makes the egg appear. As we saw with the last episode of the game of mushrooms Mario versus Waluigi In the final destination  The master hand caused Waluigi to appear.  Could the master hand be the hidden hand articulating this entire series. Or is the master hand simply trying to affect the outcome of the game of mushrooms?  If so, is he attempting to stop Bowser from taking over the mushroom Kingdom.  Who will be the next Hero in the series the game of mushrooms following the battle between Mario and Waluigi who will be in  The next master hands Yoshi egg.   Stay tuned to find out watch the first Yoshi express video below and make sure to subscribe on my picture on the top left-hand corner.


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 What color Yoshi causes you to spit fire balls? 

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