The Ultimate Pixel X Smash Championship - UXC 1

 The Ultimate Pixel X Smash Championship or UXC is new Tournament open to anyone and hosted by me, AdamEX.  16 Warriors will charge up their fireballs, sharpen their swords and fire up their blasters to compete online.  Who will become the first ever UXC champion.  We shall find out.  The tournament is taking place and streamed live on Thursday Feb. 6th at 7pm PST.  

The Rules are Rules: 1 V 1 / 200 STAMINA / 3:00 MINUTES / NO SMASH METER / NO ITEMS

The Tournament has been a working progress for quite some time.  Starting in 2020 the Pixel X streaming format will be Smash Streams culminating in either 1 or 2 Tournaments a month.   the origin of the tournament was a story told to AdamEX about how horrible Smash tournaments are organized and decided to do something about it.  Using Battlefy which is the official Nintendo Smash Tournament Partner, Organization will be easy.  The Tournament will be managed via the Pixel X discord.  The Ultimate Pixel X Smash Championship will be Legendary!

Be there or be... SMASHED.