The Wily Ones

Glitch Boy began in the streets.  A massive mysterious fire storm erupted sending the city into chaos.  Untold by any of the Mega Man games was the Humans who occupied this robotic A.I. world.  What is there story?  Glitch Boy is a boy who befriended Dr. Light and when Light was sent to prison  and chaos reigned Glitch and his gang went to go turn on Gamma who was a Robot featured in Mega Man 3.  Unfortunately a rival gang, The Wily Ones were hot on their trail.  

Who were the Wily Ones.  Were they working for Dr. Wily or were they another tragic case of confused street vandals who just wanted to watch the world Burn.  They are Led by Crash a psychopath who wants to re create all the Dr. Wily robot masters and reign terror over Mega City.  Will Glitch Boy stop these new robot masters or is the Human Race Doomed?

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Did Glitch Boy awake Gamma the Peace Keeping Robot?

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