Torching Tunnel Trajedy

Mario faces the Torching Tunnel Tragedy, A lava filled level inspired by Super Mario Bros. World 1-2.  However, in this level the tunnels create a maze that Mario has to figure out.  In the original level Mario goes in the side entrance of a two entry pipe.  Here Mario can choose which entrance to go in. 

At one point there is a Piranha Gauntlet and each pipe takes Mario to different parts of the level.  Either way Mario Goes There is a boss.  Either a Firebro or a Monster Fire Breathing Piranha Plant blocks the secret entrance.  

The theme of this world also is Lava.  Its a complete reversal of most Mario games where the last world is lava.  In the Master Hand Quest everything is flipped it seems.

Which exit will Mario choose.  The regular exit that leads to world 1-3 or the secret exit short cut to the fortress of flames.  Watch the latest video to find out. 

Mario Level 1-1 But But With Mutated Piranha Plants.

The Smash or Die Shirt


Where did the secret exit take you in the original World 1-2

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