Walugi set to face off against Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pixel Style

Waluigi faces off against Mario in the upcoming Team Level UP Animation and appears here in the nintendo animation Princess Peach Would Be Op In Super Mario Bros. On youtube.

Mario is seen here facing off against Walugi at the conclusion of Princess Peach Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros.  At the end of the video Toad tells the Princess that Mario was missing.  When did he go missing.  What happened to Mario.  Well.  If we follow the Story line of Game Of Mushrooms.  In episode 1.  Mario is killed by Bowser who returns after being sent in the Lava.  Later in episode 2 R.O.B. Would be OP in Super Mario Bros. Mario was defeated again by R.O.B.

Mario doesn't return in Episode 3 Mega Man Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros. So he must have some how ran out of lives.  Have you ever wondered what happens when a Nintendo video game character runs out of lives or how they are able to return to the game?  Watch the full series by clicking on the image below.

Super Smash Bros. takes place in Nintendo Heaven where all gaming universes are one.  Here the Master Hand which is a metaphor for every child who plays with toys or games is the over lord of video game heaven.  Thus in the end of Peach Would Be OP we see Mario appearing in the final destination against Waluigi.  Has Mario died and gone to Nintendo Heaven?  Will his battle with Waluigi determine whether Mario will re enter The Game Of Mushrooms or if he will be stuck in heaven forever while Waluigi becomes the next villain to enter the Mushroom Kingdom.  Stay tuned to find out.

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