Wart in the Mushroom Kingdom

Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2 appears in the Game of Mushrooms by the Pixel X and he faces off against Princess Peach and Wario

Wart in Game of Mushrooms.

In the Game of Mushrooms video Princess Peach Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros.  Wart finds his way to the Mushroom kingdom to stop Peach.   Here is he showing smashing the ground.  Watch the video below.

 Wart was brought in by a door way created by Kamek.  In the end Wart falls in the pit of fire of Bowser's castle but did he Die?  In the first video in the series Game Of Mushrooms Bowser also falls into the fire but he swims to safety.  Bowser is a turtle and is green.  Wart is a Frog and is also green. Watch that video below. 

Could Wart have the same fiery powers as Bowser?  If Wart lives what other creatures could he bring over from Subcon to get his revenge against Peach?  Stay tuned to find out.


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What is the name of Wart's Army in Super Maro Bros. 2?

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