What is Elisabeth’s Last Name?

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My animation with Elizabeth was the first time I tried to do a pixel vixen crossover with a male character and it got 340,000 views on Tik Tok.  I've been meaning to do another one. But there are so many pixel vixens I've yet to make animations for that I haven't fully circled back to do crossovers but here she is.

Teaming up with Blanca for Street Fighter to take on the mud men, this post also serves as a new initiative in order to pixelate the streets.   I love posting on Instagram and Twitter and YouTube in the community tab but the truth is these so called social media platforms and their evil algorithms are destroying my quest to pixelate the streets.

Many people who follow me on these platforms have never come to my website.
They don't even understand or know about our mission.  Instagram is really just a website a website that tries to control the flow of audience for a brand. 

Really loyal fans and customers should be excited and accustomed to seeking out the website and enjoying the content on a brand's actual website.  A webiste with where there are no algorithms to hide the content from actual followers.  So this post represents the first time that I have posted here first.

Enjoy thank you and stay pixelated