What is Juli's Original Tribe?

Juli and Juni are Interesting characters.  They are only playable as secret characters or expanded versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3.  The Dolls of M.Bison is one of the more elusive story arcs in the series and Capcom hasn't even scratched the surface of what they could be. 

In SF5 Bison returns as the last boss but his team is weak and the Dolls are no where around.  How many of us our no where around on the internet.  How many of us are secret characters in the game of Earth.  How many of us are central to the boom of a company and then cast to the side as barely a footnote.  To me, Pixelating the Streets doesn't just mean playing games in the streets.  It means, owning the streets.  Ensuring our voices are effort are not swallowed and lost in the game code needing some hack to discover us.
When my quest to Pixelate the Streets is successful.  The Street Shinobi will be known to the world.  Their names will be etched into the brick with Pixels.
Who is the last enemy I fight at the end of the first stage? Answer for Pixels. Put your entry in the dialog box below the game.  Click Expand button bottom right of game to make full screen.