Who are the Neo Wily's

The Neo Wily's from Glitch Boy are acolytes of Dr. Wily who believed in Wily's cause in what he was trying to do with Mega City.  They disdain Dr. Light and Mega Man and want the city to fall.

Who are the Neo Wily's

Led by Crash, the Neo Wily's are a motor cycle gang of misfits who just want to see Mega City burn.  They are followers of Dr. Wily's philosophy seeing Robots as either slaves of man kind or weapons to be used to protect the city.  They believe Dr. Light would usher in the eventual fall of Mega City by giving Robots Sentient Thoughts and Feelings.  However, like Wily and Blinded by rage, they embody that same evil they are against by using Robots to crush the human race.

See the Neo Wily's in Glitch Boy Part 2

Here the Neo Wily's consist of Crash, Hazard, Guts and Dark.  Though the Neo Wily's aren't working with Dr. Wily directly, somehow they have a contact with the ability to reproduce old Wily Robot even as late as Mega Man 11.  Could this contact be Wily or some Rogue villain.  Stay Tuned to find out.


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What are the names of the Neo Wily's?

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