Who could be behind The New Gang War in Southtown

Geese Howard sitting in his high rise tower over looking South town.  Could he be behind the war between the Southtown Syndicate and the Mad Gear?
In my previous video posted below. I found out that the Mad Gear were now infiltrating South Town. I also see that Michael Max and Mickey, two boxers from South Town had joined them. Previously I found out that the South Town Syndicate had also reformed. Apparently, a war has breaking out between both gangs. Watch more below.
Terry Bogard had to leave to enter the Super Smash Bros. tournament but instructed me to go track down the Duck King to see what he knows about the Mad Gear. I fought Duck King in the alley and he was apart of the South Town Syndicate. But also was Michael Max. Did Michael Max leave the South Town Syndicate to Join the Mad Gear?? Watch the video below. Does Duck King know who's behind Mad Gear's entry into Southtown? Certainly he knows why Michael Max switched sides. I need to put my detective hat on and figure out what plot Mad Gear has up there sleeve and why they're waring with the South Town Syndicate. Stay Tuned.


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What game did Duck King appear first in?

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