Who made the Glitch Boy Robot Masters

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The Glitch Boy robot Masters came together on the streets of mega city to cause carnage. They seem to have specific missions and are working together for a purpose. This is a very different strategy than the robot masters from previous mega man games. Typically the masters would defend certain bases that were being utilized by Dr. Wily. Unlike previous strategies, these robots are not defending any base but are instead attacking the city. Could these robot masters be created by another scientist or force? We later see that the gang the Wily Ones are also re-creating old Wily robots. The robots still seem to have Wily‘s signature style so perhaps Dr. Wily has come up with a new strategy to defeat mega man. This comes after Dr. Wily created Zero and a New Age for Mega Man is starting to unfold. Dr. Wily never survived to see X In action. Wily met his this demise in someway prior to the events of Mega Man X. Could this be the last batch of robots that Dr. Wily made or is Dr. Wily already dead?   See the 8 Glitch Boy Robota Below.

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Which of these Robot Masters Captured Glitch Boy?

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