Will There Be Another Pixel Art Animation based on Punch Out?

The third Pixel Art Animation my creator ever made was Conor McGregor's Punch Out!.  My creator had been tracking a potential match up between Conor and Floyd.  No fight was ever planned.  My creator decided to make the video because he was inspired by the match up and had a crazy idea.  Mike Tyson's Punch Out was one of his favorite games and wanted to recreate it for the match up.  You can watch the video below.
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The Anime went super viral on the internet and was trending on facebook and was picked up by over 100 news outlets including Rolling Stone.  The frenzy over the video may have inspired the parties to sign and do the fight which was one of the biggest matches of all time and surpassed Floyd vs Pacquiao
Around the time I became a Member of Team Level Up Conor McGregor fought again in the UFC and I considered a sequel to the original Animation.  However, Peach Would Be OP in Super Mario Bros. was already in full production mode and so the Sequel was scrapped.  However, Mike Tyson is making a Return Against Roy Jones Jr! While the fight has been made official it would be a great opportunity to do another video now with the Final Boss of Punch Out back in the ring.
See below the article by Rolling Stone about the original animation. 

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What was the sequel to punch out called?

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