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Gigaleak Suggests Animal Crossing Could Have Been 'Human Crossing'

Was Animal Crossing almost Human Crossing? Files unearthed in the massive Nintendo “Gigaleak” suggest that homo sapiens were once intended to appear in the first entry of the popular life-sim series, a Japan-only release called Animal Forest. I always thought Animal crossing was a weird Title considering most of the characters are humans.  Game Theory's MatPat did a video on this on Youtube.  Animals may have made more sense since the characters are Chibi... which is a Japanese Word meaning Small.. Thus Chibi Robo but that's a topic for another day. Some background: Animal Forest – or Dōbutsu no Mori, in Japanese – released in 2001 on the N64. Later that year, it was expanded and re-released for the GameCube, and that’s the 2002 U.S. Animal Crossing you probably know and love. In...

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The New Battletoads Game Is Finally Coming Out August 20

When i see these Graphics I Cringe.  Pixel Art has once again been replaced by warped Vectors.  Its Pixelated Blasphemy.   Developed by Dlala Studios with help from Rare, it’s also coming to Game Pass on both console and PC. The remaster of the original game is also currently available to play on Game Pass via the Rare Replay collection. Microsoft first announced the new Battletoads at E3 2018 with a release window of last year. Then last year came and went but Battletoads didn’t. I was a bit worried when it seemed like we were about to get through 2020's not-E3 season without hearing about the game at all, so this morning’s release date announcement is a pleasant surprise. Battletoads looks like exactly the kind of Saturday morning cartoon nonsense I need more of in...

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