Beeko - AdamEX GB Camera #7
Beeko - AdamEX GB Camera #7

Beeko - AdamEX GB Camera #7

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BEEKO by Legendary Rarities - AdamEX Game Boy Camera #7

#1 owned by jeffro23
#2 owned by danarroyo
#3 onwed by  dubman5000
#4 owned by katlyn_
#5 owned by ninjavarnish

Shot on GameBoy Camera and Printed on Game Boy Camera Printer.  There is limited space on the game boy so framed originals on the Game Boy Printer are 1 of 1's.  Everyone who gets an original also gets the image file as a digital download.  

Also available are an uprez'd framed print of the image.  Only 5 of these are available per image.