• Glitch Boy 1 - Pixel X
    • Glitch Boy 1

      Issue #X15 Imagine playing every Mega Man game knowing that the blue bomber would eventually die.  What fun is that?  NONE! But, also knowing there is a new band of hero's led by Glitch Boy fighting to save mega city after the events of Mega Man 11 is a comforting...

      $ 32.00
    • Excitebike エキサイトバイク  - Pixel X
    • Excitebike エキサイトバイク 

      Issue #X09 Excitebike in Japanese!  Show how retro and radical you are in this custom Neon Retro throwback shirt.

      $ 40.00
    • Galaga SpaceAir Squadron
    • Galaga SpaceAir Squadron

      Issue #X03 The Galaga SpaceAir Squadron Shirt commemorating the "Dead World" Galaga Origins Live Action Film.  This radical cross over shirts uses the logo of Top Gun with the iconic 8bit imagery of Galaga.  

      $ 48.00
    • Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2 ROM - Pixel X
    • Glitch Boy In Mega Man 2 ROM

      Mega Man 2 Glitched ROM Hack by Kamimation Studios.  Download by purchasing for free. In the year 20XX, Mega Man is dead. Now fire storm has rained down on Mega City. Dr. Thomas Light is behind bars and the city is plagued by crime and violence. Glitch, a biker delinquent ally of Dr. Light,...

      $ 0.00
    • If Bowser Ate A Mushroom - Pixel X
    • If Bowser Ate A Mushroom

      Issue #X05 Bower has eaten Toadstool hand has Grown twice his size. Watch the insanity that ensues and enjoy this Bower Transforms Shirt

      $ 40.00
    • Japanese Hamburger - Pixel X
    • Japanese Hamburger

      Issue #X12 In Japan they say Hamburger like: HanbāgāWritten in Japanese it's spelled ハンバーガーOr in Hirigana it's spelled  はんばーがー

      $ 40.00
    • Lucas Masked Man Shirt - Pixel X
    • Lucas Masked Man Shirt

      Issue #X14 "What expressions lie hidden behind his mask? ...And more importantly, who is he?"   The Masked Man is none other than Claus (クラウス) the older twin brother of Lucas. Claus looks very similar to Lucas other than the different colors of his clothing and hair, though he is energetic and far...

      $ 48.00

      $ 40.00
    • Power Glove - Pixel X
    • Power Glove

      Issue #X07 Don't Be a Basic Pixel  Get Your own Digital Power Glove with this shirt.  Just like Adam EX who has the Power Glove to hack the internet. Pixel X Challenge: What Big Movie from the 80's Featured the Power Glove?

      $ 32.00
    • R.O.B. NES - Pixel X
    • R.O.B. NES

      Issue #X13

      $ 32.00
    • Splatfest Sci-FI Japanese - Pixel X
    • Splatfest Sci-FI Japanese


      $ 40.00
    • The Pixel X Shirt - Pixel X
    • The Pixel X Shirt

      Issue #X10 The Pixel X Shirt Logo No Text.  Rock this X and show your Pixel X Support.

      $ 24.00