Elizabeth Blanctorche, Is the childhood friend of Ash Crimson who is the star of King of the Fighters XI.  She is the last of her kin and fights with the martial art The Shining Fists and her Nickname is Controller of The White Light. 

In my recent TikTok video she finds herself outnumbered by a bunch of Mudmen at the Japanese Gates and luckily someone unlikely comes to her rescue. 


World 1-2 But With Mutated Piranha Plants.  In Mario's Master Hand Quest Part 5 Mario faces a version of World of 1-2 but Lava has flooded the underground and the Pipes lead Mario Through a Maze.  At the end a Massive Piranha Plant blocks the secret Exit.  

Will Mario Find the secret Exit or will he be a lucky plant's Plump Plummer Sandwich? There is only one way to find out.



The Smash or Die Shirt




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