Pixelate The Streets

Pixel X is on a Mission to Pixelate The streets.  Well, Pixels are just for games right?  Originally, yes. but just as the real world is trying to bring photo realistic 3D to the gaming world.  Pixel Art is destined into invade the real world. 

It all started in 2004 when ID Software released the 1st FPS 3D Game Wolfenstein 3D.  Soon all game companies jumped on the 3D band wagon.  Labeling Pixel Art the Pixel Tax.

Pixel Art wasn't dead, it just went underground in the Neon Streets of Japan.  and just like it was the Japanese company Nintendo who saved gaming from the failure of Atari.  Japanese pixel artists and Ninteod would later keep the essence of Pixel Art and gaming in the streets alive.

Before video games, Nintendo sold Hana Fuda Cards.  Nintendo was essentially born in teh streets.  With the Nintendo Swithc, Mario Kart Go Cats and the Universal Theme Park, Nintendo is getting back to their roots.  Putting gaming back in the streets.

After a decade, Pixel art lost the war but in the ashes of Destruciton those underground Japanese Artists would rise again.  As computers became more affordiable.  Indepdneant game developers realized the Pixel Tax was a lie as Pixel Art was cheaper to make their games with than 3D art.  Soon the new generation was exposed to Pixel art again and is finding out, its more than just game art.

In Japan, Pixel artists weren't making games with Pixels, they were making digital art, animations, graffiti and even fabric.  They continue to show that Pixel art isn't just for games, It's a highly abstract and expressive digital art form.

Just like Nintendo was born in the streets, Pixel X's quest is to put pixel art back in teh streets through shirts, stickers, graffiti, arcade cabinets and one day, AR Technology.

With every shirt sold, you help us to one day.

Pixelate The Streets