Bowser - AdamEX GB Camera #8
Bowser - AdamEX GB Camera #8

Bowser - AdamEX GB Camera #8

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Bowser - AdamEX Game Boy Camera #8

4x4 Pixelated Print

#1 Owned by cristh414
#2 Owned by  raynefire22
#3 Owned by RadRetroBros.
#4 Owned by mikey3369
#5 Owned by  grossprophit
#6 Owned by Obama San
#7 Owned by Gabe_Sapienza
#8 Owned by YourFriendSider
#9 Owned by windows85_mari

Shot on GameBoy Camera and Printed on Game Boy Camera Printer.  There is limited space on the game boy so framed originals on the Game Boy Printer are 1 of 1's.  Everyone who gets an original also gets the image file as a digital download.  

Also available are an uprez'd framed print of the image.  Only 5 of these are available per image.