Cammy Salute - Pixel Vixen #34
Cammy Salute - Pixel Vixen #34

Cammy Salute - Pixel Vixen #34

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Cammy White was created as a female clone of M. Bison, and served as one of his Dolls, a group of teenage girls abducted and brainwashed by Bison to serve as his assassins and bodyguards. She is eventually broken out of her brainwashed state by Dhalsim and rebels against her former master. After the destruction of the Shadaloo base, she is placed upon the steps of the British paramilitary government organization, Delta Red.

  • Character: Cammy
  • Game: Super Street Fighter 2
  • Martial Art: Shadaloo Assassin
  • Media Style: Animation
  • Rarity: 5 of 5



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