Candy Bazookas - Pixel Vixen #74
Candy Bazookas - Pixel Vixen #74

Candy Bazookas - Pixel Vixen #74

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Candy Diamond (キャンディー・ダイアモンド, Kyandī Daiamondo) is a robot that was created to be a partner of Kula in her missions. Some personality was built-in her circuit and she and Kula developed sororal feelings for each other. During The King of Fighters 2000, Kula and Candy went to space to destroy the Zero Cannon. With the cannon destroyed, Kula was falling head-first to Earth, but Candy sacrificed herself to save her beloved sister.  Here she is deploying her chest bazookas.  Animated by Adam EX

  • Character: Candy Diamond
  • Game: King of the Fighters
  • Martial Art: Cybernetics
  • Media Style: Gif

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